Business environment

The corporate environment refers to the nature of the enterprise, the business direction of the enterprise, the external environment, the social image of the enterprise, and the connection with the outside world. It often determines the behavior of the business.

Values ​​and values

It refers to the consensus among members of an enterprise about whether an event or a certain behavior is good or bad, good and evil, right and wrong, and worthy of emulation. Values ​​are the core of corporate culture. The unified values ​​enable members of the company to have a unified standard in judging their own behavior, and to determine their own behavior.

Hero character hero

It refers to the core character of corporate culture or the personalization of corporate culture. Its role is to serve as a model for living, to provide other employees with examples for learning, and to play an extremely important role in the formation and strengthening of corporate culture.

Cultural ceremony

Cultural ceremonies refer to various awards, rewards, gatherings, and cultural activities in the enterprise. They can dramatize and visualize certain things happening in the enterprise to vividly publicize and reflect the values ​​of the company and enable people to pass these Lively activities to understand the connotation of corporate culture, so that corporate culture is "educational and fun".